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Autumn is a cool, crisp, and visually striking time to be in Long Island. If your family is blessed enough to live here in Nassau County or Suffolk County, you certainly spend plenty of time enjoying the season, whether walking through the falling leaves, or simply admiring the beautiful scenery. The stunning natural backdrop of fall makes it the ideal time to take family photos! At CLJ Photography, I love the opportunity to take fall family photo shoots. Families look cozy, cuddly, and happy together in their wooly sweaters or warm wardrobe of choice, making for adorable and loving lasting images for their fall family photos.

There are so many great fall family photo ideas, that it can be difficult to decide on just one for your portrait, which is why I offer full fall family photo shoots. Often, my fall family photo shoots begin with a simple stroll through the woods or a nearby field, and end in photographic magic. Whether posing on a log or hay bale, playing in a pile of raked leaves, or standing in front of a red, orange, and yellow wooded vista, I will assist you with fall family photo clothing ideas, including several outfit changes, to ensure you have the right look no matter what we find to inspire your fall family photos.

My photographic passion involves working with natural light, and the fall season is just right for warm, rich images that seem to burst with love and care. This is just the right look for fall family photo shoots, taking your family’s bond and letting it shine through visually. If you would like some inspiration, or to hear my fall family photo ideas for your portraits—of if you already have just the right idea in mind—the first step is to sit down for a full consultation, and determine the perfect plan for fall family photo shoots in Long Island.

To organize the taking of your fall family photo shoot photographs in Nassau County or Suffolk County, Long Island, or Queens, New York, please contact myself, Claudette, today!

*There is a $25 travel fee for Queens and Suffolk County.

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