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The best, most unique and meaningful Christmas cards and holiday season circulars feature professional Christmas pictures of you and your family. By incorporating personalized Christmas photos with your holiday mailings, you show just how much your family has grown and changed within the past year, while also capturing your shared holiday spirit in a keepsake photo that will be treasured for generations on the mantle, and in photo albums. My artistic style incorporates elements of your personal lifestyle and your family’s personality into the photo, making a beautiful statement about your love and togetherness during the holiday season. Choose to have your professional Christmas pictures taken at home, at an outdoor location of your choosing in Long Island or Queens, or at my Nassau County studio.

Over the past few years, the popularity of posting Christmas photo cards in the mail has greatly increased. People are remembering the joy and wonder felt during the holiday season that both giving and receiving gifts with personalized messages brings. Nothing lets your loved ones know you are thinking of them quite like a tailored message, sending tidings of joy from your family to theirs. By gracing your cards with professional Christmas portraits this year, you share more than just an image—you share a snapshot of your lives representing another great year in Nassau County or Suffolk County, in communities like Massapequa, New Hyde Park, Manhasset, and more.

I would love to share all of my wonderful ideas for original and creative Christmas photos and professional Christmas portraits with you and your loved ones! Many of my clients come to me with a host of ideas for the style and finish of professional Christmas portraits they would like—I am here to capture your ideal images! My specialty is capturing images in natural lighting, especially images on the beach, in the woods, on the dunes, and around the quaint towns of Long Island. Within each photo shoot I encourage memories to unfold organically as you interact with one another, snapshotting authentic moments that are filled with genuine love and affection. Whether in formal attire, matching sweaters, Christmas morning pajamas, or on a ski slope, no matter what your personal holiday style and traditions, I will ensure your Christmas photos capture it perfectly.

To organize the taking of your engagement photographs in Nassau County or Suffolk County, Long Island, or Queens, New York, please contact myself, Claudette, today!

*There is a $25 travel fee for Queens and Suffolk County.

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