Newborns Portraits

Newborn photography is truly a combination of art and photography. You can’t always anticipate how your baby is going to be feeling, whether they’ll be tired, cranky, wide awake, or playful. But that’s also the beauty of newborn photography. There is an organic nature within it you simply can’t account for. You just need to let it happen, which is why newborn photography is also one of my favorite forms of photography.

Before your photo shoot, we’ll go over a number of ideas. You are welcome to go through my current portfolio and pick out any style or setting you’re interested in. But don’t feel like you must go with a picture style that looks just like something I’ve already captured. We have a number of different backdrops you can choose from inside the studio. Plus you can bring your favorite outfit (because sometimes there’s nothing more adorable than a newborn in a Super Girl or Iron Man costume).

I always recommend going over the details ahead of any photo shoot. This way we are on the same page. After all, with newborn photography, there may only be a few moments to capture the perfect photo, and you won’t want to miss the opportunity.
And please, don’t ever worry if your baby is crying when you arrive. Trust me, I’m a mother of three children and I know babies do not always want to cooperate with what you had planned. But that’s perfectly fine. We’ll work around it. I’ve also found that some of my favorite pictures come out of these sessions where we have to work on our toes and snap pictures in the few moments where your baby does fall asleep.

I recommend scheduling your newborn photography session as early on as possible. It’s truly amazing how fast a newborn begins to grow. Part of the magic of a newborn photography session is to document this small frailness. Of course, it can be fun to set up sessions at six months and a year as well. You may not even realize just how much they’ve grown in a short amount of time until you compare the two photography sessions. However, when it comes to blocking off the time for your newborn photo session, we can go over the details before your baby is born, so we’re ready to go and just need to set up a time when your bundle of joy does arrive.

So feel free to contact me with any newborn photography questions you might have, ideas you’re considering, or to simply set up a time to go over everything and set up a photo shoot.

Let me capture all your special moments and memories today.

I genuinely look forward to the opportunity of working with you and your family.

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