Maternity Photography

Maternity is such a special time in your life. This is especially true if you’re pregnant for the first time. Your body is going through all kinds of unexpected changes (because no matter how much you read up on it or how much people tell you about it, there’s never any real way to understand it until you actually go through with it). The beautiful time in your life is something you may only experience for a few months total. Even if you have several children as a mother, your maternity time is one of the shortest periods in your life, and someday you may want to look back and remember just how it felt to carry your baby.
I love maternity photography because not only is it a way to remember this important time in your life (and the life of your baby), but it’s a fantastic way to show your child when they are older. There’s also a maternal glow that develops in this stage. I know you may not always feel it, but trust me, it’s there. Everyone else can see this glow about you, and it shines through my lens.
Maternity photographs are great for when you want to share beautiful photographs of you and your expectant body with family and friends. You also need a photographic eye to make sure you’re captured at just the right moment and at the right angle (because we’ve all seen the cell phone photos that don’t always turn out, despite the best intentions of the amateur photographer).
A maternity photo shoot is one I recommend to all expectant mothers, especially if this is their first time pregnant. I know as a mother I was in awe at the changes that my own body went through, and now those photos are some of my favorite ever taken of me. I promise you’ll feel the same way when you look back and see the pure joy and amazement in your eyes.
>If you’re interested in setting up a maternity photography session, feel free to look through the maternity portfolio and then give me a call with any questions you might have.

Let me capture all your special moments and memories today.

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