I have a special setup within the studio for newborn photography, so while I service clients from Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Long Island for newborn photography we do perform the photography all in studio. The appropriate lighting required to truly capture your baby just can’t be taken out of the studio, and since I prize myself in giving you the very best photographic experience, I want to make sure you leave with nothing but the very best.

If you haven’t yet, look through my current newborn portfolio. Feel free to note which images you like and then we can go over these different images and any other ideas you might have. I can then tell you what we’ll need for a great photo session. I also have all of the outfits, hats and wraps for your new boy or girl, so you don’t need to worry about that. But by ironing out all the details we’ll be able to start right away on the photo shoot when you arrive.

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Session takes place in my home studio and use of all the adorable outfits and accessories.

Once your session is over you and your photographer will schedule a day and time for your photo reveal session.